Established as an administrative management agency in the year 1959, our company has 50 years of experience offering legal, financial and administrative services both to companies and individuals.

We have specifically-designed strategies for every client in order to provide him with the greatest added value.

We know that clients who carry out a business activity need continuous support in legal and financial matters so as to manage the business dynamics with competence and professionalism. Acknowledging the importance of small and medium-sized businesses in the fabric of the business sector, we offer specifically designed solutions aimed at these companies, so that they may have available resources in tax, legal and financial matters with the same quality level as big companies. We want to become a necessary and useful management tool for small and medium-sized companies in order to decisively contribute to their attaining their own objectives. We can incorporate your business, subsidiary or branch office in Spain and provide you with our support and advice in order to optimize your management, guaranteeing outstanding professionalism and effectiveness. We can be your intermediaries in case of conflict with your Spanish clients or providers. We can optimize your taxation in Spain. Please check our service guide.

On the other side, individual clients -not businessmen- have a more occasional intervention in the legal and financial world, and they therefore need more assistance and advice in each of their interventions. For individual clients we design a personalised service with special follow-up. We can be your point of reference in Spain for your investments, for the management of specific transactions, for reviewing the contracts which you have to sign... or for helping you with any problem which may arise. If you are an individual not businessman with interests in Spain, please check our service guide, too.


Legal area:
Legal advice in general, procedures and paperwork in relation to asset management, contracts, registers and successions.
Management of legal actions.
Company law and company operations. Legal audit of companies.
Execution of transactions and commercial contracts. Management of negotiation processes.
Management of administrative and tax procedures.

Tax law area:
Tax consultancy and advice.
Calculation and submission of tax declarations.
Tax-related planning of transactions. Research on tax mitigation and taxation of business income.
Management of inspection and tax audit procedures.

Accounting area:
Book-keeping and supervision of the account books.
Accounting advice.
Interpretation and analysis of balance sheets.
Keeping the books and annual accounts.
Design and adaptation of accounting plans.

Labour law:
Preparation of payroll and documents of contributions to the Social Security.
Work agreements, study of contracting alternatives and bonuses.
Study of labour costs.
Carrying out procedures before the Social Security. Representation before the Labour Inspection Department during labour inspection procedures.
Carrying out labour procedures and managing actions before the labour jurisdiction.
Calculations, feasibility studies and preparation and submission of applications for public benefits for retirement, incapacity, widowhood and others.

Vehicles area:
Procedures before the Direction of Traffic (Jefatura de Tráfico).
Number plate registration.
Registration of vehicle transfers.
Change of vehicle characteristics.

Transport area:
Managing procedures relating to public or private transport service authorisations.

Land agency area:
Leasing management.

Horizontal property area:
Constitution and administration of communities of owners.
Managing aspects specifically relating to horizontal property: arrears, works, managing aids and subsidies.

Insurance brokerage area:
Insurance advice and contracting of all kinds of insurances.

Legal solutions in Spain

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